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Countless storefronts across the country now feature posters which let the general public know that they can find “CBD Sold HERE!”, but what we notice is a real shortage of answers & information when it comes to what CBD actually is and what it can do. Learning about the wellness wonder that is CBD begins with understanding your body’s Endocannabinoid system.

What we have is emerging science based on a relatively new discovery. We begin by going back to the year 1990, which turned out to be a banner year in terms of things that would greatly influence our culture. It was the year that NASA lit up the sky with the launch of the Hubble Space telescope and a web server launched which would grow up to become what we know today as the world wide web. Quite a bit of progress has taken place since 1990. It was in that same year that cannabis researchers discovered the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS as it’s commonly known), a regulatory system that promotes balance & well-being in all mammals. Understanding what the ECS does and how it is designed to receive CBD through our bodies receptors is how we know that CBD works.

Research teams learned that the ECS was a lock & key system that works in concert with our bodies’ other systems which regulate numerous, vital, psychological functions directly influencing the way our bodies respond to injuries and inflammation. Today, many refer to the ECS as the “harm reduction system” because it can affect things like mood, appetite, sleep, and pain among other things. So, an imbalance of the ECS, or in other words, a lack of cannabinoids like CBD, can be at the root of any number of diseases and disorders in the human body.

When the ECS is up & running properly through feeding our C1 & C2 receptors a steady supply of cannabinoids, our signals are all firing correctly, and we experience optimal body function.