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Routines Are Back – Make CBD Part Of Your Routine


September crept up on us and then rushed right by! We hope you’ve had a productive month of returning to some semblance of normal. Now that we’re back at work and school full-time, whether that’s from home or on site, there are a lot of hats we have to wear to operate in every position we have in our lives: employee, parent, teacher, caregiver, Zoom meeting coordinator, and more. Any one or combination of those is a full-time job and can generate a great deal of stress.


Our daily stress is now compounded by pandemic stress, not to mention the stress of keeping up with *gestures vaguely around* everything. The thing is, sustaining stress over long periods of time can end up rewiring your brain, and not for the better. Stress is an appropriate response to a threat, but nobody can live their whole lives under constant duress without it taking a toll.


Anxiety, as a response to stress, can result in physical pain. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, With chronic stress, those same lifesaving reactions in the body can disturb the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, sleep, and reproductive systems. Some people may experience mainly digestive symptoms, while others may have headaches, sleeplessness, sadness, anger, or irritability.” Managing your stress and anxiety isn’t just a mental health issue, but a physical one.


Routines can help us manage our stress and even mitigate it. Kendra Cherry writes in an article for the site Very Well Mind about how to set up routines to help you be successful. All of the suggestions Kendra makes are supported by research and proven effective across multiple studies. There is no doubt that routines help us live a more balanced, healthy life.


Incorporating CBD into your daily routine is an essential way to help your mind and body better cope with both acute and chronic stress and anxiety. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, or more commonly referred to as the ECS. The ECS maintains homeostasis in the body. In a 2019 study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry on how the ECS works, researchers blocked an enzyme that breaks down anandamide or AEA. This is commonly referred to as the “bliss molecule.” It triggers the reward system in our brains. By feeding your body a healthy dose of CBD to block the breakdown of AEA and increase the amount in your blood, changing your biological response to stress.


If you’re finding that you’re out of routine or in a routine that stresses you out, look at incorporating daily CBD at the right strength to help you return to homeostasis.


Have more questions about how CBD can help you cope in these stressful times? No worries. Terrapin Select’s vetted, tested, and trusted products as well as our sales reps are here to help you be wise and be well.