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We at Terrapin Select pride ourselves on carrying high-quality CBD products that give our customers exactly what they need. We are not looking to carry as many products as possible and overwhelm or confuse consumers. We have panned for gold and mined for diamonds and only present the brands that have the most value and perform at peak levels of integrity.

If you would like to have Terrapin Select represent you and your brand help move your products into the hands of retailers and consumers that need them, the following in the minimum criteria to be eligible:

  • Industrial hemp grown and processed in the United States
  • All domestic hemp must be grown certified organic or pesticide free
  • Full transparency of all lab and testing results; third party testing required
  • CO2 extraction only
  • Vegan and gluten free options available
  • Testimonials available from recent customers and consumers
  • Production capacity to meet demand
  • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill
  • ISO or FDA certified facilities

Meet our Quality Manufacturers

Each CBD manufacturer we welcome into our turtle’s nest meets a high standard of quality and brings unique value. Meet each one and read about what people love the most about them.

We love the flavors and the wide range of products and excellent pricing this brand offers.

One of our two flagship brands, Medical Mary has the best introductory oils for new users. They have a wide range of flavors, milligrams, and delivery methods to choose from.

Original Hemp capsules are not only some of the most effective and precise ways to get your CBD, but let you determine where it will go and how it should help you.

A cornerstone brand for our company, we love Green Roads for their consistency, stringent testing, and especially their pain cream, which works and smells great. Their delicious and effective Relax Bears are always in the top three most popular products we sell.

Kalki’s unique offering is its water solubility. If you’re into a flexible, THC-free oil that you can take sublingually or use in recipes to mask the taste while still reaping the benefits, Kalki is an exceptionally great choice.

Hemp Lucid is the best, natural flavor full spectrum oil that we have found on the market. It’s a serious powerhouse of CBD that people use for relief from all kinds of issues.

Wyld delivers on flavor, variety, consistency, and discretion. Take CBD and treat your taste buds at the same time. Wyld’s Pacific Northwest origins, vegan recipe, and real fruit make this a standout brand.

Trokie fast melt tabs act fast like a sublingual but with a more accurate dosage and less mess. Every product they make is unlike anything else on the market and ideal for athletes and others that are avoiding trace amounts of THC without foregoing CBD.

Hemp My Pets cares about animals and it shows in every product. Their handmade, small-batch pumpkin treats and infused coconut oil are just two special ways to show your special family members how much you care.
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As a high school athlete I love this product! I have suffered from numerous concussions and this has helped with my migraines and chronic headaches better than other pain reliver has.
Terrapin Select


MM -1000MG Oil

The Green Roads 300 MG joint and muscle cream helped cure my ankle sprain, I highly recommend this product!
Terrapin Select


The gummy sour strips tasted great and provided a nice, long-lasting calm that was perfect for a fun night out.
Terrapin Select


750 MG sour strips

My husband and I have been taking the Daily CBD capsule as well as the Muscle & Joint Capsule with CBD daily for about 3 or 4 months now. We no longer experience joint and muscle pain first thing in the morning like before. Our sleep is more restful, and we seem to have more energy and vitality.
Terrapin Select


Muscle & Joint