• Upland Hemp Pre-Rolls (1/2g)
  • Upland Hemp Pre-Rolls (1/2g)

Upland Hemp Pre-Rolls (1/2g)


5×0.5 gram pre-filled hemp cones / Full Spectrum

Strain: Suver

The products we offer are all <0.3% THC

Upland Hemp meticulously chooses its flower from select farms from New York State and California. We do not process stems, stalks, and leaves, only premium flower bud that is rich in CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids giving our products rich and robust flavor. Unlike most other brands which use processed trim containing stem stalks and leaves, Upland Hemp oversees it’s processing of the flower down to the actual grinding of the contents of our pre-filled cones. We do not add any additional terpenes, synthetic isolate or fragrances to our products, Upland Hemp’s end users experience a finer quality product at a price that is less that of the inferior higher priced brands. Upland Hemps pre-filled cones are never packaged in plastic, as most other brands, which compromise flower flavor and quality.




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