• CBDmd Pet Peanut Butter for Dogs

CBDmd Pet Peanut Butter for Dogs


300mg / 10mg per tbsp.

Give your four-legged family member excitement and delight using our CBD infused peanut butter for dogs. Each jar contains carefully formulated peanut butter made from natural peanuts and infused with our proprietary Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula that’s bursting with whole-body CBD benefits guaranteed to have your dog barking with satisfaction!

  • Contains premium hemp extracts infused with tasty, natural peanut butter
  • Quality tested for consistency by third party, ISO certified labs
  • Guaranteed vegan, gluten free, GMP, and THC free*

Suggested Use:

Paw CBD’s CBD peanut butter for dogs allows for a consistent amount of CBD with each serving; stir and serve to your dog. Start with suggested daily servings for at least 30 days for the best results. You may gradually give your dog more as needed.

Our CBD peanut butter for dogs is carefully crafted under the highest manufacturing standards, delivering a high quality and special blend of hemp extracts with natural peanut butter that may support calmness and relaxation. Talk with your veterinarian first about giving your pet CBD.

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