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Our name truly captures the essence of who we are and what we do. We are east coast based, as are the terrapin turtles. Like the turtle, whose hard shell serves to protect its vulnerable body from the dangers of the world, the CBD we supply helps strengthen and protect your body. The wisdom and longevity associated with turtles has been documented for centuries and was a perfect symbolic fit for our company. Determined to create and promote conscientious consumers and living well with CBD, our tagline: be wise; be well, is how we communicate our mission in its simplest form.

Our company is founded on the principles of:

  • Offering the highest quality CBD products from trusted manufacturers
  • Educating consumers of the natural benefits of CBD
  • Advocating for sustainable & responsible CBD business practices

We encourage you to walk with us.

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Product Spotlight

Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – 750mg

1oz / 30g - lavender scent

Hemplucid CBD Oil

1 fl oz (30ml)  Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg - 17mg CBD / ml 1000mg - 33mg CBD / ml 1500mg - 50mg CBD / ml

Wyld CBD Gummy

Each Gummy contains 25mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. 10 Gummies per bottle (250mg) / 20 Gummies per bottle (500mg)

Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream with Menthol

3 fl oz / 150mg Isolate CBD

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What is CBD?

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As a high school athlete I love this product! I have suffered from numerous concussions and this has helped with my migraines and chronic headaches better than other pain reliver has.
Terrapin Select


MM -1000MG Oil

The Green Roads 300 MG joint and muscle cream helped cure my ankle sprain, I highly recommend this product!
Terrapin Select


The gummy sour strips tasted great and provided a nice, long-lasting calm that was perfect for a fun night out.
Terrapin Select


750 MG sour strips

My husband and I have been taking the Daily CBD capsule as well as the Muscle & Joint Capsule with CBD daily for about 3 or 4 months now. We no longer experience joint and muscle pain first thing in the morning like before. Our sleep is more restful, and we seem to have more energy and vitality.
Terrapin Select


Muscle & Joint