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How Can Hemp Help Your Pet?

When we bring an animal into our home as a pet, something truly transformative takes place. While we may in fact be improving their lot in life, the reality is that they end up enriching ours beyond measure. In practically no time, a puppy or a kitten become part of the family, and their well-being becomes a priority. That’s why our team at Terrapin Select is so discerning when choosing Hemp for your beloved pets. We know that your overall health and well-being is directly tied to theirs, so we only sell Hemp we know is 100% safe for your pets.

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“Is Hemp right for my pet?”

This is an honest, fair question that deserves a good answer. The simple fact of the matter is that every single mammal can benefit from CBD, and that mammals’ bodies are designed to receive it. Our bodies’ endocannabinoid systems are wired with receptors, whose sole purpose is to receive cannabinoids which help our cells function at the highest level.

There’s an old adage that states that we don’t choose our pets; they choose us! Terrapin Select carefully chooses only the finest treats to help your best friend live their best possible life.