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So with CBD supplements available at just about every retail space you can name it HAS to be easier for consumers to find the ideal CBD product for their lifestyle, right? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. With CBD available practically everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations, the conscientious consumer will have a harder time pairing up with the supplement that’s right for them. Yes, it’s certainly convenient to be able to pick up something at one of those stores, but the reality is that you can merely purchase a CBD product there. You aren’t offered the help and guidance you might need to find a supplement that really fits your needs. Grocery and convenience stores try hard to be all things to all people, but there’s really limited knowledge in those spaces when it comes to cannabidiol. In fact, that’s a good place to start. Try asking good, basic questions about CBD at the grocery store and see what kind of answers you get. “What does CBD stand for?” (it doesn’t stand for anything. It’s short for cannabidiol.) “Will I pass a drug test if I take CBD?” “Where is the hemp grown for this CBD oil?” “Are broad and full spectrum the same thing?” “Why is domestic hemp better when it comes to CBD?” 


A lack of substantial answers to those questions can lead someone to google CBD near me, and with any luck you wind up at Terrapin Select!  At Terrapin Select we are here for you, and all of our collected knowledge is at your disposal as well as the selection. We take great pride in offering a variety of supplements that cater to your specific needs and your lifestyle. On the shelves of our dispensary you’ll find an exceptional selection of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD pain creams, CBD bath bombs, CBD rollers, CBD health drink mixes, CBD vape products, CBD pet oils, CBD pet treats, and CBD gummies.


People who are new to CBD gummies always seem quite surprised by this delivery method option and incredibly pleased once they sample the taste! The other great thing about this kind of CBD supplement is that it’s something you can take conveniently and discreetly. Your favorite CBD oil tincture might not be the easiest thing to get in and out of a backpack, carry-on, or purse, but you can always pop a gummy or two on-the-go without missing a beat. The convenience really is a big part of the appeal of these supplements. We hear great feedback from our customers telling us that they take their CBD in gummy form before a flight to settle down, at night to relax after a long day, or when they feel a headache coming on.



We’re aware that gummies aren’t ideal for everyone, so we really make an effort to have plenty of options available to cater to as many customers as possible. We have CBD isolate gummies, broad spectrum gummies, full spectrum gummies, as well as vegan friendly options. You’ll certainly find something that fits your palate on our shelves, and our whole team is more than happy to walk you through our selection and have you sample what we carry. That’s really why we encourage a visit to our Turtle’s Nest. We love being able to listen to your needs and concerns and talk you through your CBD purchase. We don’t throw products up on our shelves. Each supplement we selected was vetted very carefully with you & your wellness in mind.


The Terrapin Select team stands by the products we carry, and we invite you to see the Terrapin Difference for yourself. Visit us online or at our Newark Delaware dispensary to shop from our selection of CBD supplements. As an added incentive to try CBD gummies, we decided to make them our featured special for the month of February, so all gummies are 20% in February 2020 when you use offer code: gummies20 at checkout.


Take advantage of our February sale and try incorporating CBD gummies into your health and wellness routine. At 20% off, it’s a wise move.



Be Wise, Be Well.



The Terrapin Select Team.