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CBD and Me: Athletes

It seems that with each passing day, athletes from all walks of life are starting to incorporate CBD into their health & wellness regimens. Regardless of the level of competition, today’s athletes are looking for a natural way to increase their stamina, decrease recovery time of fatigued muscles, and manage the pain that can come along with training.

It’s a foregone conclusion that adopting a fitness routine is beneficial to our overall health, but every time we take part in a workout session, we experience a fair amount of muscle and tissue damage. Our slightly damaged muscles flare up, causing pain and discomfort as we recover. CBD’s strong, natural, anti-inflammatory properties are proving to be a game changer for today’s modern athletes. Taking one of Terrapin Select’s CBD supplements before or after a workout session can help manage pain, inflammation, and ease the physical and mental toll on the body.

Just like the mind of an athlete is wired for competition, our bodies are wired to receive CBD. We’re supposed to receive CBD so that our endocannabinoid system can properly regulate our bodily functions and responses to pain and pleasure. What we put into our bodies is inherently linked to what we are able to get out of them. Adding a Terrapin Select CBD supplement into your health & wellness regimen will both enhance your performance and help ensure that you continue to perform at an optimal level.