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Every Day Advocates For A Greener Tomorrow

Being part of a community is about showing up and acting for the good of the many by giving money, participating in movements, donating time and sweat equity, amplifying causes, and living day-to-day practicing principles that benefit the greater good. We are advocates for and within our community, and we invite you to explore how exactly we’re doing that and how you can be a part of it.

It is not only irresponsible but unethical to take from the earth and not give back. Terrapin Select makes sure that our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. You will not receive Styrofoam peanuts, inserts, bubble wrap, nor copious amounts of plastic that will sit in a landfill or pollute our oceans. Our products and our practices are aligned.

Our mission is to do what we can where we can however we can to leave a stronger, better world for the generations to come. We are not perfect, but we strive to do what’s best and we are grateful for those who participate in these practices with us.

Ending The Stigma

We cannot end the stigma around hemp and CBD alone. We need your voice to help others live well. We want to know how CBD has helped you live well so others know there’s a safe alternative available. Share your own CBD stories on Instagram. Tag Terrapin Select and hashtag our tagline: #BeWiseBeWell to have your testimonial featured on our website and to reach others who may be struggling to find relief from pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, muscle spasms, and more.

Educate your Community

Corporate Wellness

Businesses that place value on the health & wellness of their employees are the companies that succeed and retain their best talent. In a CBD & Me workshop, we spend 30-60 minutes to share with you what CBD is, what it can do, and how your employees’ overall wellness and productivity improves by adding it to their existing health & wellness routines.

Special Interest Groups

If you are in or run a group or association, we can help you provide more value to your members by giving them what they need: information, selection, consultation, and discounts. Terrapin Select is happy to speak to your group, create content for your newsletter or social media that informs and educates. We will also generate a unique coupon code that gives your members an exclusive discount.


CBD products are improving lives every day & Terrapin Select wants to educate the public in order to turn curious customers into conscientious consumers through our interactive workshop. If you can give us between 30 and 60 minutes, we can provide you with a wealth of information in regards to what CBD is, what it can do, and what you can expect by adding it to your health & wellness regimen.


Co-founders Mike Patterson & Francesca Vavala speak on a variety of business, wellness, and CBD related topics. Graduates of the famed Heroic Public Speaking, their insights and delivery will add value to any event.

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