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Our Backstory

We first looked into CBD in 2014. With anti-prohibition efforts around cannabis gaining momentum, hemp and CBD seemed to be the natural forerunners for legalization. We began our research and set out to know all that we possibly could about the hemp plant, farming, and the real distinction between quality CBD supplements and the junk on the market.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that if we found the amount of information and misinformation out there overwhelming, consumers would have a daunting task when they went to select a product. Most CBD manufacturers were going after the low hanging fruit and moving their products into Vape and Head shops, greatly limiting the exposure that the general public would have to CBD. People like our parents just wouldn’t encounter CBD on their own simply because they weren’t liable to walk into those establishments. It became obvious that a large demographic who could benefit from CBD were not getting the proper exposure to its healing properties and incredible benefits.

These two critical gaps in the space: a lack of education and limited availability and visibility were perfect for us to create a model around.

Terrapin Select was officially born in 2018.

Be wise.  Be well.

The Meaning Behind Our Name

Our name truly captures the essence of who we are and what we do. We are east coast based, as are the terrapin turtles. Like the turtle, whose hard shell serves to protect its vulnerable body from the dangers of the world, the CBD we supply helps strengthen and protect your body. The wisdom and longevity associated with turtles has been documented for centuries and was a perfect symbolic fit for our company. Determined to create and promote conscientious consumers and living well with CBD, our tagline: be wise; be well, is how we communicate our mission in its simplest form.

While everyone is trying to be the hare in the race to become a leader of the CBD space, we believe in the slow and steady process, doing the right things for the right reasons with diligence will provide the real payoff. We invite you to walk along with us.

Elevating CBD Education

Terrapin Select allows you to get informed and confidently purchase CBD without having to wade through hundreds of pages of products that often times blend together and lack real substance. Instead, you can purchase CBD knowing that you’re buying vetted, trusted brands from a company whose mission is to make your life better.

At Terrapin Select, we only carry the best of the best brands and products. All of our CBD products are derived from industrial hemp grown and manufactured in the United States. All of the hemp is grown organically or pesticide free and processed through CO2 extraction to preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids. All products have 3rd party testing and COAs available to document that the CBD you purchase is derived from clean hemp. Learn more about our standards by reading about our vetting process.

Stay Informed

We strive to raise the bar on consumer education of CBD products and benefits to allow our clients to utilize these products with confidence. Anyone from athletes, elderly, military, even pets can benefit from the science of CBD.

Our team hosts regular CBD For Me Workshops for the general public to learn more about CBD and know how to buy wisely and well. What Terrapin Select offers is a place for people to buy vetted CBD products that have already met a high bar for quality and performance. Our consumers don’t have to worry about whether or not the products they purchase are legal, safe, authentic or effective. We’ve already confirmed it.

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