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We think it’s high time to rethink everything you think you know about hemp plant.

Perhaps no other little plant has been plagued by misperception and propaganda more than this cousin of marijuana. The biggest distinction drawn between cannabis as in marijuana and cannabis as in hemp is that marijuana produces a psychoactive effect or euphoric “high” whereas hemp does not. Cannabis that is high in THC is commonly referred to as marijuana; cannabis that is low in THC (.3% or less) and high in CBD is considered industrial hemp.

Hemp is such a useful, and beneficial crop. It’s estimated that there are some 25,000 uses for hemp which include everything from dietary & nutritional supplements to clothing, skin care products, and building materials.

Hemp harvests in just 3-4 months and can produce upwards to 50,000 commercial products. Anything that wood, paper, cotton or plastic can do, hemp can do as well. Our environment also benefits from hemp cultivation when you consider that it is renewable and does not need to be genetically modified due to its natural resistance to pests & weeds.

People frequently ask us, “Is All Hemp the same?” That’s a good question, and the best answer to that would be a great, big, emphatic, NO!

Just like corn grown in Iowa can be unique and slightly different than the same crop grown in New Jersey, hemp is a wonderful plant that adapts based on the genetics of the seeds as well as the conditions under which it is farmed. On a very high level, we maintain integrity of products by only carrying ones that are sourced from U.S. grown hemp that adheres to the standards articulated in the Farm Bill of 2018.

Terrapin Select manufacturers must be affiliated with a legal farm, grow, research center, state agricultural center or other entity which is explicitly covered by the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. They must be pesticide free or certified organic grown. Clean hemp is good hemp.

If you’re looking at purchasing CBD from a company that cannot prove the above, it would be best to shop around for someone who can. At Terrapin Select, we have you covered.

To put it rather bluntly, there really is no path towards health & wellness without having a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Consistent, responsible harvests of hemp benefit every life form that calls this planet home in a variety of ways. To learn more about hemp, visit the good people at www.nationalhempassociation.org.